Joey Bosa Jersey

Nick Bosa is a spitting image of his older brother, Joey, who plays

defensive end for the Los Angeles Chargers. They both went to Ohio

State and wore the same number. They have the same build and play the

same position. Perhaps the biggest difference is that Nick had the

benefit of learning from his older brother.

Their father, John Bosa, told Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area

that Joey’s tutelage has pushed the younger Bosa to a higher stage

than Joey was at entering the NFL combine.

“Nick is a little more advanced because of the mentoring he’s had

from Joey,” John said. “His combination is just scary. Nick is

unbelievably, uncannily strong.”

He made a point to note that they’re not exactly the same style of

player, and that he won’t compare them until the younger of the

brothers gets NFL snaps under his belt. Those are fair caveats, but

the idea of a more advanced version of Joey Bosa has to make a team

in dire need of an edge rusher, like the 49ers, salivate.

He’s been sensational through his NFL career when healthy. He’s

posted 28.5 sacks in 33 games after going No. 3 overall to the

Chargers in the 2016 draft. A holdout limited him to 12 games in his

rookie season.

Nick was equally stellar in three seasons for the Buckeyes. He had

17.5 sacks in 29 games. His junior year was limited to just three

contests after groin and abdominal injuries pushed him out of action

early in the season.

It was already hard to imagine the Cardinals passing on a talent like

Bosa at the most important position on a defense. If they believe

they’re getting a better version of his older brother. Should the

skip that opportunity though, the 49ers will sprint to the podium to

take him. They need a game wrecker on the edge, and a player on par

with, or better than, Joey Bosa absolutely matches that description.

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